Montana Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

Most people with epilepsy should be seizure free on a single drug. Are you still having seizures? Do you know what type of epilepsy you have? Are you a surgical or VNS candidate? Do you have side effects of your anti-seizure drugs? Are you paying too much for your anti-epilepsy drugs? Is your insurance demanding you take generics? Can the epilepsy diet help you? Are you one of millions of people who have depression and epilepsy? Are you a candidate for an experimental drug? We can answer these and many other questions and help you solve many problems related to your epilepsy.

Montana Neurology provides organizational support for the Montana Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, the only epilepsy program in Montana. We evaluate and treat adult and pediatric epilepsy patients. Our clinic locations include monthly epilepsy clinics in Great Falls, twice-monthly pediatric epilepsy clinics at the pediatric specialty clinic at Community Hospital in Missoula, and clinics at our main location in Missoula. We also provide full electroencephalography (EEG or brain wave testing) services in our Missoula and Hamilton laboratories. This includes routine, 1, 2, and 4 hour EEG, 24, 48, and 72 hour ambulatory EEG, and video-EEG monitoring. For more information see