The Missoula Headache Clinic is part of Montana Neurology. We see ADULT & PEDIATRIC HEADACHE patients. In our clinic, we are able to offer limited appointments for acute headache treatment in our established headache patients, and are currently accepting new headache patients. We have the ability to coordinate IV infusions for headache treatment if needed, give some injections in clinic for acute headaches, and offer long-term management for our headache patients. We have many medications we use to treat headaches; however, we do not use narcotics in our headache clinic. We strive to provide overall well- rounded care including adjunctive therapy referrals, life-style modification counseling and psychological counseling referrals to best serve the needs of all our headache patients, as we recognize that providing medication is only one small aspect of headache care. Ideally, our patients will be on as little medication as necessary to appropriately manage their headaches.

NOTE: Although we see pediatric headache (and epilepsy) patients, we are not a pediatric neurology practice and are specialized in treating only the children's headaches and epilepsy. If your child has other pediatric neurology issues, it may be necessary to seek care for their other neurology issues with a pediatric neurologist.