General Neurology

 Our team of providers and staff give you the most advanced neurologic care available, from common conditions, to rare neurological diseases. We accept most insurances and welcome new patients. Our patients come from all over Montana. Your initial visit  must be in our Missoula office and includes a complete history and neurological exam. Your EEG testing will also be done in our Missoula lab. Any other testing can be done near you. For follow up care you have the option of telehealth visits from home. No more driving over mountain passes in the winter for an appointment.

Montana Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

The only comprehensive epilepsy program in Montana with a specialized team and an accredited EEG laboratory. Dr. Swanson is a nationally recognized expert in epilepsy. Our goal for you: seizure free with no side effects. We offer the most advanced therapies including medications, electrical stimulation devices, and epilepsy surgery. We treat adult, pediatric, and neonatal epilepsy. Our pre-surgical evaluation team works closely with Seattle Children’s and Harborview hospitals to ensure the best surgical results possible. Our mission and purpose: to ensure every epilepsy patient in Montana has the best possible care.